Wednesday, July 1, 2009

WHAT HAPPENS In VEGAS, doesn’t always STAY in VEGAS!

I took all the photography knowledge I received in Vegas back to the Virgin Islands with me.

Seven days of EDUCATION and FUN in VEGAS...

Phill, John, Livi and I had a wonderful time in Las Vegas during the Wedding & Portrait Photographers International (WPPI) Convention. It was a week with new technologies, photography styles and techniques. Studying with some of the world’s greatest wedding and portrait photographers like Jerry Ghionis, Matthew Jordan Smith, Robert T, Williams, Kevin Kubota and many more. A wedding photographer’s dream…

I would recommend that all wedding and portrait photographer that are serious about their profession attend this convention. http//

My brothers: John, Phill, & Livi after sightseeing in Vegas during the WPPI Convention.

The four brothers: John, Ethelbert, Phill, & Livi after a great buffet at the Bellagio Hotel. Hmm, Hmm GOOD!

Jerry Ghionis instructs our photography class at the convention. The images below are photos I took of the models during the two day class.

Jerry Ghionis and the members of our class at the Wedding & portrait Photographers International (WPPI).

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